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As I drift off into the world unknown, my thoughts and ideas become wild and unrealistic. I feel it is my duty to prove these unrealistic thoughts that great things can happen and that I can make a change.

Somewhere in my subconscious is a vault just waiting to be opened and explored. I’m one who enjoys experimenting with art and writing, it’s the only way I find I’m able to express myself efficiently – I’m too clumsy with words when I speak.

In this journey of self-exploration, I will find the key to open the vault and unleash the answers I seek.

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21/09/2022: Hurt

*Trigger warnings: disordered eating, dissociation, self-harm, suicide, suicidal ideation* I’ve been told I need to try and write things down, and despite scribbling away in my notebook, I’m getting nowhere. My mind falls into the abyss, and I’m somewhere between Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ and Linkin Park’s ‘Crawling’. If you haven’t heard these emotive songs before, … Continue reading 21/09/2022: Hurt

20th July 2022: Almost at the end… It’s time for something new.

My last blog post was written 289 days ago, that’s 41 weeks or 9 months ago. Goodness. This is me preparing you for a long one…! They say your university experience passes by so quickly, that grasping onto it can be difficult. Time passes by so quickly. You’re busy studying, reading, researching, typing, and divulging … Continue reading 20th July 2022: Almost at the end… It’s time for something new.