Image: ‘Free Fall’ (dotwork), by Rostislaw Tsarenko Follow on Instagram @rostislaw_ts

As I drift off into the world unknown, my thoughts and ideas become wild and unrealistic. I feel it is my duty to prove these unrealistic thoughts that great things can happen and that I can make a change.

Somewhere in my subconscious is a vault just waiting to be opened and explored. I’m one who enjoys experimenting with art and writing, it’s the only way I find I’m able to express myself efficiently – I’m too clumsy with words when I speak.

In this journey of self-exploration, I will find the key to open the vault and unleash the answers I seek.

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2023 – Year of the Rabbit: Prosperity, Hope and Calm

Every now and then, I think to myself ‘I ought start writing again’. But, I find myself hit with either no time to physically, and emotionally sit down and write what’s going on, or I’m hit with writers block. Sometimes, it’s a combination of the two. As we find ourselves a couple of weeks into…

21/09/2022: Hurt

*Trigger warnings: disordered eating, dissociation, self-harm, suicide, suicidal ideation*I’ve been told I need to try and write things down, and despite scribbling away in my notebook, I’m getting nowhere. My mind falls into the abyss, and I’m somewhere between Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ and Linkin Park’s ‘Crawling’. If you haven’t heard these emotive songs before, it’s…

27th August 2022: Wait till I’m alright

I have hit the erase button more times than I can count just to find the words to write here. I suppose, sometimes we have those days where we can’t quite express how we feel, yet we know we should at least try. How are we supposed to know what’s what if we sit with…