4th October 2021: The Butterfly Farmer

*This is a blog post which takes us back in time… Just a little bit. We don’t really want to go back in time through the pandemic, but this is something which I’d written back on 25th June 2021. To keep the titles in chronological order, I haver re-dated this post to todays date: 4th October 2021, following the release of Tom Delahunt’s blog: Get out of Jail Free Card | Partners in Learning posted on 29th September 2021.*

Back in April, I was invited to see Tom Delahunt’s (#Hobopoet #thebutterflyflame #poeticnursingheart) poetical exhibition based on his award-winning project, Poetic Nursing Heart along with his Masters and PhD. Research, in the new Verena Holmes building at CCCU.  

The exploration of ‘The True Self Within’ was an experience that would delve deeper into the subconscious seeking answers, truths, and manifestation. By deconstructing trauma, piece by piece, pulp by pulp, and embellishing them back together with red thread and flakes of gold, emphasizing the imperfections which ultimately bind us through unity of understanding, warmth, and wholeness.

Arising to the consciousness, an awareness of beauty and acknowledgement of our shadows. The pursuit of perfection becomes a distant dream as you walk through the labyrinth succumbing to the Shadow, accepting your flaws, your weaknesses, your imperfections.

Tom guided me through deconstructed poetical art, keeping me engaged and mindful of my own traumas untold. I was held with each step, and each moment we moved inwards, and each moment we paused. Tom read an excerpt from ‘A Story Like the Wind’ (Laurens Van der Post) where myths and magic meet in utopia, then, just as I felt those wings unfold, I was captured in a moment of time, constructing poetry from deconstructed, fractured words. Greeted by ‘The Butterfly Farmer’. As I spent some time playing with words, I felt liberated, enlightened, and burning as if the phoenix has risen once more.

Those darkened parts within me felt free, I felt warm, wanted, and appreciated.
At this moment, I felt I belonged.

This is where I am.

Endnote: I attended the new Verena Holmes Building on 13th April 2021. I have waited until all assignments are completed before writing this post. It is important to highlight that the journey I went on throughout this exhibition has stayed with me, and will stay with me for a long time. If you get the opportunity, I truly recommend taking a wander through the gallery. You will not be disappointed with what you discover.**

End End Note: The Verena Holmes building now has a new gallery on display, equally worth checking out. ❤ 4th October 2021

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